A family-owned dairy farm for 150 years, Steady Lane Farm had not been farmed successfully for about a decade. When we became owners in 2002, fences, barns and water supply were in disrepair and pastures and hayfields were poor from disuse.  We were taken with this expansive south-oriented valley, its fresh water spring and the promise of resilient soils from long history of mowing and pastorage. Today, we see great results from careful pasture farming and hay management in the robust health of our herds.



Janet Clark

Janet has a masters degree in forestry and a career in toxics policy and sustainability.  Now entirely focused on her local business of sustainable farming, she is realizing her dream to restore and conserve the natural resources that support life in her little neck of the world.  


Nort Salz

Nort was raised on a traditional midwestern farm.  He is a knowledgeable advisor and partner of Steady Lane Farm when he is not steering his own business consulting company.  



Our dog Emma is a versatile English Shepard.  She has a job on our farm helping to move the herds.  

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